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Chrome browser extension

Download the Chrome browser extension


1. Download the Chrome browser extension, unzip it and find the Chrome file

2. Open Chrome and click on the three dots on the top right corner . Find More Tools - Extentions

3. Then turn on Developer Mode in the upper right corner and drag the unzipped Chrome file onto the page

4. Once installed, click on the Extensions icon on the upper right corner, and pin Dove IP, then click the Dove IP icon and click Set IP first to fill in all required information. Note that click on 'Dove proxy' means turn on proxy and 'Direct link' means turn off proxy.

5、username:Dove proxy username
password:Dove proxy password
country:Fill the Country 【View the country code】
City number (Optional):City number 【View the city number】
time(minute):Fill in the IP duration you need【5-35 minutes】
selfip(Optional):Fill in the specified IP
accurate:Select whether to access by country or IP
Protocol:Select protocol
Click Get IP, after success, then click Application Options so to save and enable the IP

6. use to check if the proxy is successful. If so, you can use it

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